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ISSN : 2671-4981(Print)
ISSN : 2671-499X(Online)
Journal of Business Economics and Environmental Studies Vol.2 No.2 pp.13-21

* First Author. Professor, Department of Business Administration, Kyungdong University.
** Major in Health Industry Distribution, School of Medical Industry, Eulji University.
*** Professor, Department of Business Administration, Chodang University.

Research on Purchase Decision Factors to TV Home Shopping Product:Digital⋅Home Appliance

Kwang-Keun Lee, Si-Nam Jang, Pan-Jin Kim

Received: June 07, 2012. Revised: September 11, 2012. Accepted: September 18, 2012


Purpose - The purpose of this research was to suggest purchasingdecision factors through understanding the context of purchasing behaviorand to figure out variables related to purchasing decision, purchasingcognition, and attitude.
Research designs/ data/ methodology - By random sampling, 200consumers who are over 20, have purchased Digital‧home applianceon TV home shopping, and have lived in the Seoul area were chosenas sample subjects. Questionnaires data were obtained from all subjectsby self-administration method.
Results - Result of analysis could be summarized as following.Analysis of the cognition of digital/home appliance product features,and influence of digital/home appliance product feature to purchasingintention are presented in the following order; price (3.50), diversity(3.10), brand (3.00). Also, analysis of the cognition of TV homeshopping feature and influence of TV home shopping feature to purchasingof digital/home appliance are presented in the following order;awareness (3.63), safety of delivery (3.38), safety of transaction(3.28), product test (3.27).
Conclusion - Purchasing attention of TV home shopping featurespresented difference in awareness, safety of delivery, safety of transaction,and product testing factors. In order to vitalize home shopping,impossibility of quality confirmation should be overcome andreinforcement of brand power should be considered.

JEL Classifications : L81, M20, M31, R22.


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